Pressemeddelelse: Materielstyring kræver en stærk ledelse

Press release: Material management requires strong leadership
Material management helped Juul & Nielsen reduce their tool purchases and stop fraud. However, management needs to hold on when implementing a new culture, says Director Claus Juul Hansen.

A combined tool mass board from the central hand where the individual project managers “rent” on their construction cases has meant a major change of behavior at Juul & Nielsen. For which project managers stubbornly held their own stuff, they are now struggling to return it, so it does not bother the project’s economy. It’s the simple recipe for how Juul & Nielsen has saved up to 30% on their common machine and tool purchases.

“If a construction manager had been here for a long time, there was often a warehouse of machines that no one else was allowed to borrow. The amount of equipment has been far beyond what we needed. Now it’s up to what we have and we can see who has it. It’s a huge advantage, “says Claus Juul Hansen, Director of Juul & Nielsen.

Material management has become a good business for the project manager and employee

Juul & Nielsen found a simple method for dealing with the silo culture: Internal rental through the NetHire IT system. Where there was no advantage in sharing tools with others, it is now costing the project manager to have the tool lying on the spot. Therefore, he has a personal interest in getting it returned.

“Every month, project managers get an inventory of what equipment they have used and what they are still renting. It smokes like spending on their project. This makes them unsubscribe. Because they do not want the extra bill to charge their case, “says Claus Juul Hansen.

In addition, internal letting means saving money for maintenance and service:
“The internal letting corresponds more or less to the new investments we make and the costs associated with servicing – in fact, there is a small profit,” he explains.

Another big problem for Juul & Nielsen was shame. Annually, a larger 6-cifted amount of hand tools and machines disappeared – an amount today below fifth. A great deal comes from the more efficient material management.

Material management requires changes in the culture

The transition to a centralized machine and tool management was a bitter pill to swallow part of the project management in Juul & Nielsen. While material management can be a great idea for the bottom line, it does not look like the individual project manager and the individual case. Here, they lose control of the equipment you had previously had.

“It’s definitely not something you drive in one day and everybody starts the day after. We experienced a lot of resistance to start with. When we came out to register their stuff, there were actually some who saved it for us. Because they felt we came to take their grip from them, “says Claus Juul Hansen.

But after a hard transition period, where management had to get stuck several times, it was successful to get a good result, where both employees and the bottom line could be satisfied.

Full insight into the costs of each case

“I’ll think it takes a year before everyone has one underneath the skin. But today, on the other hand, we have equipped all our chairs with iPads so that they can manage their construction cases and register everything directly in our system. There are a couple of iPads available, but we have much better control over the business. We only have the thing we need, “explains Claus Juul Hansen.

The fact that everything is being managed directly on the construction site now also means that it will not be forgotten later or that the item disappears from the accounts. Therefore, at Juul & Nielsen today with NetHire, you can see exactly what costs are incurred for each individual building case.

“We are fully aware of the cost of building a building case. So our calculations can now also recognize what it costs in screwdrivers and gear. This makes us even sharper, “says Claus Juul Hansen.

The authorities are joining NetHire

Another advantage is that there is now complete control over service and certification of tools. For NetHire, originally developed for the rental industry, tools are automatically called for statutory service. An advantage in an industry where service and security requirements are constantly rising.

”Nogle steder aner man ikke, hvornår værktøjet sidst har været til service. Hos os er vi slet ikke i tvivl. Det betyder også, at arbejdstilsynet er helt pjattede med vores materielstyring. Men det stiller selvfølgelig også krav til os – for hvis vi ikke har styr på sagerne, så kan man se det med det samme,” siger Claus Juul Hansen.

Selvom der har været udfordringer er Claus Juul Hansen ikke i tvivl. Materielstyring er kommet for at blive. Det kræver kun et kig på bundlinjen at forklare hvorfor. Han ville dog ønske, at de havde gjort det lidt anderledes.

“We should have rolled it out throughout the organization at once. For now we suddenly get through the whole mill again with the last departments. So that’s my advice to colleagues in the industry: it’s rub and stump – in a hug. It’s hard, but there’s no doubt it’s worth it when you get on the other side. ”

Advantages of Juul & Nielsen with NetHire Material Management:

Fewer expenses for the purchase of machines and tools.
Minimization of shrinkage to less than a fifth.
Overview of the cost of tools on the individual building case.
Full control of compliance with statutory inspections and certifications.
A better result on the bottom line.
15% reduction in transport costs.